Malleswaram welcomes foodies, shopaholics and pilgrims with amazing surprises. The place is packed with shops selling various items, restaurants and temples. Most of the eateries provide vegetarian food due to the number of temples in the area. Though the place is urbanised, the essence of the old Bangalore remains in some parts. The famous Mantri Mall is located here too, attracting numerous tourists.

Mahatma Gandhi (MG) Road is the perfect place for all those who love to shop. A range of shops selling sandals, bags, dresses, etc. lie along the road. Apart from shopping, you can eat in any of the restaurants; the option is not limited. It has attracted thousands of tourists by its vibrant and energetic atmosphere that never fades. It is the best place to shop till you drop. It is a must visit site.

Mahathi Cultural Academy was started by Uma Kumar for helping individuals in various music and art style. Anybody older than eight years of age is permitted to join the academy. The activities done here are of a wide range in the area of music and art. It academy also conducts various concerts, classes, workshops, etc. and provides opportunities for many to enhance and shape the talents of individuals.

Maha Bodhi Society Temple is believed to be the place where the Buddha was enlightened. The temple is made of bricks, and it stands tall and majestic to this day, about 180 ft above the ground. The exterior and interior of the temple walls are inscribed by the life of Buddha. A huge idol of the golden Buddha is placed inside the temple. The interior of the temple is colourful and vibrant, drawing tourists.

Madhugiri is a historical place in Bangalore. It is the second-largest monolithic rock in Asia and has a handful of tourist attractions like the Mallinatha Temple, Jayamangali Blackbuck Sanctuary and Madhugiri Fort. The Madhugiri Fort draws a lot of visitors due to the trekking opportunities. The trek to the fort is a challenge, but the view that it offers is a reward. It is a breathtaking piece of nature.

Kadri Manjunath Temple is located to the south of Kadri hills in Mangalore, Karnataka. The scenic beauty, historical and religious importance of Manjunatha temple and the presence of pre-historic caves cut into laterite mounds, lend particular enchantment to the center. The main tourist attraction is the bronze statue of Lord Manjunatha and the Lingam, which possesses the power to disappear any amount of water, poured on it.

KSHA Hockey Stadium

KSHA Hockey Stadium is registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act. The main aim of the stadium is to coach and develop hockey players and help them in their careers. They also elevate the game in schools and colleges. They host many tournaments every year, and the talented and skilled players are picked out for further training; during these times, the stadium is flooded with hockey enthusiasts.

Kote Venkataramana Temple

Kote Venkataramana temple is among the oldest temples in Bangalore. It was built Chikka Devaraja Wodeyar, the then Mysore ruler. The main deity is Venkateshwara. It is designed in the Vijayanagara-Dravidian style. From the exteriors and the interiors to the pillars and walls, the temple is adorned with spectacular carvings of various mystical characters of the Hindu religion. It’s a visual treat for art lovers.

Kempe Gowdas Four Towers

Kempe Gowda’s Four Towers were erected as the first boundaries of the city. They have become major historical places. All the towers are found close to some tank or lake. The towers resemble each other with four pillars and a platform. The top part mirrors a typical Hindu temple, with intricate carvings of deities and others. They have been well maintained and renovated, so the historical touch is lost.

Karnataka High Court

The history of Karnataka High Court dates back to 1884. It is placed in Attara Kacheri, which means eighteen offices. The building was built using stones and bricks. The majestic red building shows of the Graeco-Roman architecture style. The building has a beautiful and well-maintained lawn and a statue of a captain on a horse in the front. It is on the main road, and it easily stands out from other surrounding buildings.