Venoor – Gomateshwara

Venoor’s claim to fame is the monolith of Bahubali Gomateshwara, on the banks of the Phalguni River in Mangalore. In 1604, a Jain ruler named Veera Thimanna Ajila erected a single rock statue of 38- foot high. But it is the shortest among all three colossus that are within the radius of 250 km around it. Besides the religious significance, the tourists are attracted to the calmness of this diminutive village.

Sri Karinjeshwara Temple, Karinje, Bantwal

Sri Karinjeshwara Temple in Karinje, Bantwal Taluk stands high on a hill amidst beautiful surroundings. This temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi is situated on the top of a hill that is 1500 feet high above the sea level. The temple gives a panorama of standing on a huge rock with a pond underneath, which makes it one of the most visited Shaivite temples and tourists spot of Karnataka.

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Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple, Bappanadu, Mulki

Sri Durga Parameshwari Temple, Bappanadu, Mulki offers its visitors a rich and vibrant tapestry of local traditions and social customs. Situated on the south coast of River Shambhavi, it is one among the most important and beautiful temples in Dakshina Kannada district of Karnataka. A beautiful view of the drum beating performed by the beaters, accompanied by their family members and community with great enthusiasm and devotion, during the annual festival is an eye catching one.

Shri Sahasralingeshwara Temple, Uppinangady

The Shri Sahasralingeshwara Temple in Uppinangady, located in the Dakshina Kannada district, is famous for its 1000 linga temple. This temple dating back to the period of Pandavas is also known as ‘Dakshina Kashi’ and is considered one of the most religious centers of the Shaivism. The primary reason is that the temple is built on the confluence of two rivers namely, Netravathi and Kumaradhara and has thousands of lingam on the riverbanks.

The Harihareshwara Temple

The Harihareshwara Temple is located in Harihar in the Davanagere district of Karnataka. This temple also known as ‘God’s own House’ has a splendidly carved pillars and ceilings. The clean, pristine sandy beaches and the surrounding four hills of Harihar make the Harihareshwara Temple one of the most famous tourists’ destinations of Karnataka. With such features, it is rightly called as the ‘Kashi of the South.’

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Omkar Math

The Omkar Math is the first and foremost among the four maths established by Saint Sri Shivananda Teertharu, a renowned philosopher. He was one of the followers of the principal of Sri Adi Shankara of Advaita. Most of the devotees are trained to consider this Omkar Math as their heart and therefore come here to perform austerities in unbroken silence and solitude.

Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt

Raghavendra Swamy Mutt is one of the most visited tourists and pilgrim spot in Karnataka. It has achieved fame not only for its history but also for its serenity and composure. This mutt dedicated to Sri Raghavendra Swamy is in the Devanagere district of Karnataka. People believe that Sri Raghavendra Swamy disguising as an old man came into the sanctum and never left. Therefore, Madhva Brahmins consider it as a holy place.

Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple

The Anjaneya Swamy Temple in Shamanur Village is believed to be constructed during the origin of the village, which is approximately 800 years back. The temple exhibits the pure form of Dravidian style of architecture and stands as the flagship temple among the dozens of temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Its recently renovated structure and its rich history make it one of the major tourists spot in the Davanagere district.

Kundavada kere

Kundavada kere symbolizes the people’s love for the nature and desire to conserve the scenic water body and its fauna. The lake is the located in Davangere, beside NH4, is the best hangout place for family and friends. It serves not only as the best place for a view of sunrise and sunset but also the primary source of drinking water for the entire Davangere. It is an excellent recreational place for the people, spectacular site for the avifaunal diversities and the best place for game fishing.

Durgambika Temple

The Durgambhika temple in the Davangere district is one of the important pilgrim spots and major tourist attraction. The goddess Durgambhika, who was originally brought 200 years ago as a stone, is the primary reason for converting this small temple into a biggest and beautiful temple. The numerous miracles and the serene atmosphere of the temple make the devotees throng the temple all-round the year.